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Interim Care

Limited care is provided during Fall Break (October), Spring Break (March), and some days in May and June between the end of school and the beginning of the summer session.  Information and fees are published online prior to the sign-up period.  Space is limited with priority given to children enrolled in full-time After School Care, dual-working parents, and single parents. 

Your child’s provider and building number will be posted on the bulletin board in front of the office the week before interim care begins.

You must sign your child in and out with the provider, in their classroom. After 5:00 p.m. all children will move to Building 366-1 for pick up.

Please remember to send in toothbrush and a healthy lunch (no hot lunches or pizzas available during interim) and sleeping items for those in preschool and prekindergarten.

Please note that there are no casual care days during interim care. If a school holiday falls during interim care, your child’s care rate will be pro-rated. 

* Interim Care is NOT guaranteed. *
See school calendar for interim care dates. 


Questions? Please contact Tony Nelson at or 808.423.1727.