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NHKS Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)


The NHKS PTO supports and enhances the school’s existing programs through the involvement of voluntary membership. The PTO was established to help provide community participation in the school. It also serves to inform the school of views and expectations from parents and family members.

The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Members-at-Large comprise the PTO Board. Descriptions and responsibilities of the PTO Board positions are available in the NHKS PTO By-Laws. The PTO Board coordinates opportunities for parents and staff to work cooperatively and to interact socially. Notifications of PTO activities are sent home in student folders, emails, and published on the website and Facebook.

All parents or guardians of NHKS students, teachers, and staff are eligible for membership in the NHKS PTO.

General membership meetings are held four times a year, with dates published in NHKS newsletters. Parents and staff members are encouraged to attend meetings and to get involved in the different NHKS PTO events. 


Interested in becoming a member of the PTO?
Have questions and/or concerns regarding the PTO?
Would like to volunteer for a PTO-sponsored event?

Just reach out using your preferred method of contact!


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Stay Connected 

For the most current scheduled events, please visit the PTO Facebook Page


The PTO hosts several fundraisers throughout the year. For more information, please see the PTO Fundraisers page.

NHKS Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)

2021-2022 Members

President: Jennifer Strahl

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Kylie Hernandez

Secretary: Alicia Foshee

History: Sheila Johnston

Member-at-Large: Robyn Powers

Member-at-Large: Sarah Arnold

Member-at-Large: Felicity Frengle

October 2021
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