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At Navy Hale Keiki School we pride ourselves on providing a rigorous and carefully developed academic program.  We are mindful of best practices and continually work to differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of our students.  Our faculty and staff bring decades of experience with them into the classroom and are especially adept at bringing together students from around the world.

The curriculum is shaped to meet the academic needs of each of our students to promote individual development through multisensory and hands-on learning.

Language Arts

We use Orton-Gillingham for language arts, which grounds our students with a strong fundamental knowledge of phonics, spelling, and writing conventions.  

Nowhere else is the level of individual instruction here at NHKS more visible than during our literacy blocks.  We are several years into implementing the Daily 5 program, and our students have more reading and writing stamina than ever before.  This program has proven especially critical for our many students who transfer in and out of the school throughout the year.  Students are afforded one-on-one and small group instructions with teachers and teaching assistants, while those working independently are engaged in reading "good fit" books and literacy activities designed to maximize individual growth.


Our teachers use Everyday Mathematics as it is inherently designed to foster differentiated instruction and maximum growth among individual students.  When NHKS students transfer to schools on the mainland and abroad, they are well prepared for success with a strong foundational understanding of math concepts and basic math facts.


Pearson’s Elevate Science is a highly engaging and interactive approach to student-centered learning. This curriculum uses both digital and print components to immerse students into phenomena-based inquiry, three-dimensional learning, and hands-on labs/ STEM activities. Elevate Science encourages high-level thinking and questioning skills, while also introducing students to real-world and career applications to Science. 

Social and Emotional Literacy

There is a high level of engagement at NHKS, due in part to our use of differentiated instruction and curriculum that allows for students to work in a manner that best suits their needs and interests.  This high level of engagement leads to more motivated students who work to their full potential.  Due to the nature of our military community and the fact that students must frequently move into and out of the school throughout the year, we put a great deal of energy into our rolling admission policy and how it aligns with our curriculum implementation.  Our teachers are supported and empowered to seamlessly deliver curriculum to children who come in at various point of the school year and begin work.  

NHKS values growth in academic aptitudes as well as development of good character traits.  Through the Menehune Award Program, we actively cite laudatory examples of character traits the school values.  This provides a meaningful opportunity for the children, staff, and parents to exemplify traits that foster a positive learning community and good citizenship.

Creative Arts

Our creative arts program encourages an appreciation and love for the arts.  All students meet for music and art instruction each week.  During music, the students learn and develop basic music skills through a variety of engaging activities, including interactive Smart Board games.  They listen and respond to different genres of music, participate in movement activities and sing and play instruments.

Art is a critical part of brain stimulation at NHKS.  Students learn to manipulate shapes and colors with hands-on involvement.  They study art elements, art history, and multicultural art.  The Spring Art Exhibit showcases a piece from each student to share with our community.  Each year NHKS submits 20 pieces of visual art form our students for the coveted placement at the Hawai'i Convention Center.  NHKS's talented students earn numerous positions every year.


Physical education is an opportunity for students to participate in physical activities and instruction that encourage them to value a healthy and active lifestyle.  We present a wide array of games and activities in a positive learning environment to ensure maximum participation.  NHKS P.E. curriculum focuses on motor development, positive social interaction, and exploration of new skills and activities.  The program includes individual and team activities, fostering teamwork, cooperation, and leadership skills.  Running Club is an opportunity for the children to start the day with physical activity.  Preschool and prekindergarten participate one day per week, while kindergarten through fourth grade students participate two days each week.  


The NHKS library provides students and teachers with a place where books are valued and information is plentiful.  Our library is small, but comprised of over 4,000 books from preschool to intermediate grade levels... and we're still growing!  Every NHKS student participates in library class once a week.  All students check out books from the library to take home to grow their independent love for reading.  Students learn library skills, such as how to take care of books, how to find a book, how to use the online catalog card system, and how to use the library and online print resources for research.  

NHKS staff view technology as a powerful tool employed to strengthen the educational experience of our young 21st century learners.  NHKS staff is also mindful of the importance of limiting the amount of screen time to which our young learners are exposed while at school.  With that in mind, technology is a measured and integral part of all classroom instruction at NHKS.  It is used to enhance concepts already covered by classroom teachers.  Interactive white boards are used daily as part of morning routines, to display educational videos related to current studies, and as an interactive device where students can input and manipulate information.  Interactive technology is used to enhance language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and creative arts lessons.

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